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Health In Harmony - Monthly Donation

A planetary health organization implementing community-led solutions to the most pressing human and environmental issues. Our vision: Healthy people. Healthy forests. Healthy planet. Our mission: Reversing deforestation of tropical rain forests for planetary health. The next 11 years are crucial for the future of like on our planet. In order to avoid the effects of runaway climate change due to global warming, we must drastically reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. And rain forest, it turns out, are one – maybe the – key to ensuring a safe and health climate. Health In Harmony reverses tropical deforestation by radically listening to logging communities and then investing precisely in locally-designed solutions. In Borneo, the unique and disruptive way we work beside rain forest communities has reversed poverty, halted illegal logging, catalyzed forest regrowth, reduced infant mortality and disease indicators, and protected habitat for 2,500 of the world’s remaining endangered Bornean Orangutans. Communities told us that with affordable, high quality health care and alternative livelihoods they could afford to stop logging. They were right! Our medical clinic that accepts tree seedlings for payments alongside training in sustainable agriculture and entrepreneurship have led to an 88% decline in logging households. Now, with your help, we will bring win-win solutions to new sites around the world including Borneo, Madagascar, and Brazil.


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