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At Donor Points, we believe in the fundamental good in all people. We recognize the power behind the feeling of giving to charitable causes is second to none. We’re here to make the process of giving as easy as possible by not only helping you find a charity, but also offering you cash-back rewards for your generosity.
Here's How It Works
Donor Points


After you register, you can start browsing our large and growing selection of charities and nonprofits. You can even filter your search by category, such as environmental causes, humanitarian aid, animals and much, much more!
You can click on each tile in our gallery to read more about the charity or nonprofit organizations, as well as the reward points you can redeem for each!

Donor Points


After browsing our selection of charities and nonprofits, you’ll be ready to donate!
From the donation page, simply click on “Donate Now” and you’ll be taken to the organization’s donation page where you’ll be able to select a monthly donation amount to your favorite cause -- this takes the hassle out of making recurring donations!
You’ll earn points for every dollar you donate!

Donor Points


Once your donation is registered, you’ll automatically receive reward credits called “Donor Points.” These “Donor Points” are based on your monthly donation amount and are saved automatically to your account.
Once you’re ready to redeem your "Donor Points", simply visit our Redeem page to learn more about your options to redeem at your favorite stores!

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Are you ready to discover new organizations and start donating to amazing causes? Join us in "doing good!".

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