Donor Points is the first of its kind rewards community.
Discover amazing organizations and earn cash-back points and rewards when you make tax-exempt donations to your favorite charities and nonprofits. Doing good has never been so rewarding!

Donorpoints How it work

How it Works

When members complete “do good” actions we reward credits called Donor Points. Donor Points can then be redeemed for gift cards like Amazon, Starbucks, and Target, or to donate cash to other charities in need!

Donorpoints How we help charities

How We Help Charities

Donor Points was founded with the goal of providing digital fundraising services for nonprofit organizations of all sizes. We are a team of seasoned digital marketing experts that understand the art and science behind delivering engagement backed by smart data optimization.

Donorpoints How we help charities
Donorpoints Double good program

Double Good Program

The Double Good program is an opportunity for our members to donate the points they earn to a featured charity, often an organization they have never heard about. Donor Points then matches point for point, to double the donation, so the points members give have double the impact!


Our mission is to become the leading rewards community focused on “doing good” for nonprofit organizations by connecting people to causes they care about in a fun and enjoyable experience.

Some of the Causes We Support

Some of the
Causes We Support

Donorpoints Education


Donorpoints Environment


Donorpoints Humantarian