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American Red Cross

This year, you can give a unique and meaningful gift to help the people we meet every 8 minutes who have been devastated by disaster. Your gift this holiday season can bring hope to those in need. ARC is a nationwide network of 264 chapters and 36 blood service regions. Approximately 166,000 Red Cross volunteers, including FemaCorps and AmeriCorps members, and 30,000 employees annually mobilize relief to people affected by more than 67,000 disasters, train almost 4 million people in necessary medical skills and exchange more than a million emergency messages for U.S. military service personnel and their family members. ARC is the largest supplier of blood and blood products in the US, supplying 2,600 hospitals ( approximately 39% of the US blood supply). The charity also assists victims of international disasters and conflicts worldwide, connecting separated family members. In 2006, the organization had over $6 billion in total revenues, though revenues have fallen since Katrina. At that time, revenue from blood and blood products alone was over $2 billion - biological services generally represents about 63% of total operating expenses, though the unit often operates at a deficit.


Earn 200 Points for making a one time $20 donation directly to American Red Cross by clicking the link below. You must donate a minimum of $20 to qualify. *Please note your points will be awarded in 10-15 business days.