Donorpoints Oceana – Monthly Donation

Oceana – Monthly Donation

This is urgent: Only 72 critically endangered Southern Resident orcas remain alive. Weak, starving, and undernourished, these orcas are careening toward extinction. A study found that as high as 69% of Southern Resident orca pregnancies end in miscarriage because the mothers are starving. Saving these orcas is within our reach, but it requires a sustained effort to restore the Chinook salmon these beloved creatures depend on - the kind of Oceana campaigning that’s only possible with continuous, reliable support from people like you. Become an Oceana monthly donor today, and your tax-deductible support will help save Southern Resident orcas and power our other campaigns to ensure the health and abundance of our oceans and marine life that call them home.


Donor Points will provide you a $5 dollar gift card for making a $10 or more monthly donation directly to Oceana by clicking the link below. You must donate a minimum of $10 monthly to qualify. *Please note your gift card will be awarded in 20-30 business days.